5 steps to promote a mobile app

5 stageóin the promotion of a mobile application

If you are going to create an application, you need to plan well for its promotion. It is important that marketing efforts accompany the twórcom already in the initial phase of the. Here are the highlights of the entire strategy.

1. The stage of choosing an operating system

Once we determine the purpose and business model of our application and create a profile of the person whoóra could be interested in it, you need to think about the choice of operating system. ZaróBoth in Poland and in the world we can mótion to dominate the dwóch, at most three systemsów: Android, iOS and Windows Phone’a. The clear leader here is Android, with whichóThe number of people using it is almost 90%. of all usersóin mobile devices. This trend is very similar in Poland and around the world. In Poland, in turn, we observe greater interest than globally in hardware equipped with Windows Phone. Wybór appropriate system will be important for the success of our application. Guided only by the popularity of each of the listed tróHowever, it may not be an optimal solution. A user of iOS has different preferences and habits than a fan of Android. RóThey are also determined by the size of the wallet. The iOS user is more likely to pay for the apps themselves, as well as for purchases within them.

Theóhe right platform is the first step to gaining and building popularity. In turn, the popularity of the program gained on the first of the systemóThis trend is very similar in our country. This remark may turn out to be particularly important in the futureóThe publication of a certain anonymous user of all users appeared on the Internetów who have limited budgets for application development at the start.

2. The stage of early promotional activities and testów

The next stage consists of actions taken before the publication of our application. Twóhe best web browseróThe people who skip this step, unfortunately, often find out that the program is not visibleóThe first stage is the launch of the application and the main stage of its development. So what to keep in mind? First of all, it is worth creating a website for our application and profiles in the most popular social media, where we will inform about the idea behind the creation of our program and report the progress of work. Special graphic or audiovisual teasers will be useful to arouse interest. Already at this stage it is worth to check the availability of advertising space, in whichóIf we want to show up after the launch.

We should also organize a group of testersóin, whichóThe next stage is to evaluate the beta versions of our product. This is where we should turn toóThe name should not be complicated and should indicate the most important function, e.góra is testing the usability of the application. If you do not have a separate budget for this, the easiest way is to use a bunch of your own contactsóin or look for a testeróin other places in the network, such as social media, thematic blogs, internet forums.

3. App Store Optimization

Once the development work is underway, you should develop a detailedóThe name should not be complicated, and its development should indicate the most important function, e.g.

Even the icon of our program will be crucial here. Don’t be in a hurry and take the easy way out. It will be the one to visitóthe name of our application. Another important thing is the name of the application and its expansion. The name cannot be complicated, and its extension should indicate the most important function, e.g. Dolphin – Best Web Browser. Then we should prepare a description in króThe next stage consists of actions taken before the publication of our application in the beta and extended versions, bearing in mind that only inquisitive people will want to see the full version. It is also necessary to pay a lot of attention to theóThe next important thing is the name of the application and the name of the appóin the key, whichóThe teasers can be used toóWe need to take into account the fact that our application has been. Another thing is to take screenshots and at least one promotional video. Here we should remember that for many potentially interested parties these will be the only elements thatówho will pay attention when looking for information about our application. Finally, we must not forget about cross-linking to other applications.

It is also worth checking what additional options are offered by eachóother stores. For example, Apple’s App Store allows you to advertise your applications, and Google’s Play store allows you to publish beta versions for testingów. Remember – all ASO operations will have a real impact on the visibility of our program.

4. The stage of launching the application and the mainópromotional activities

Next actions are connected with the start of the application. When publishing in-store, we will apply our ASO strategy and determine the form of access. The simplest móInclusion, the application can be made available for download for free or for a fee. The form of access to it will definitely influence the user’s decision whether to download it to their device or not. In many cases the best model will be freemium, i.e. free access to only basic functions.

When our program is already in the market, it is necessary to perform specific promotional activities. First of all, we must remember to advertise our new product in our other applications.

It is necessary to undertake public relations activities and contact with industry media. However, we should not expect that the media will unanimously pick up our topic. The mere fact that we start with a new product will not make them write about us. Therefore, the PR strategy should include a budget for paid sponsored articles.

Without paid advertising during the leadóIt can be difficult to get the most out of your promotional activities. Planning a PR strategy on your ownóThe next thing is to take screenshots and at least one promotional videoówno barter options, as well as basic advertising activities, such as presence in the search results of a browser, advertising in social media and in other applications. Developers with separate advertising budgets should necessarily use the help of specialized mobile marketing agencies, whichóThey will define a promotional strategy, build a media plan and carry out comprehensive promotional activities.

A hugely important aspect of promoting a newly published application is its image resulting from user ratings and commentsóin the markets. Earning top rankings positions us high in the search results and influences our behaviouróMore application placement by the editoróin the storeówith applications. User evaluationsóThe best feedback we can get about our product is also the simplest and best in the market.

5. Post-promotional stage

Even after a satisfactory start, do not rest on your laurels. Monitoring reviews and traffic to our app must be a natural practice. You need to analyze the indicationsóuser contributionsóYou need to analyze your customers and their behavior, and most importantly, you need to react quickly to their comments and needs, and you need to systematically update’by using the app in the marketplace!

Appropriate analytical tools will be indispensable here, whichóre provide detailed informationónterest data. Only in this wayób we will know when e.g. send notifications to the phone. Such constant control will allow us to keep the interest of the useróand constantly develop our product.