6 arguments for increasing mobile advertising prices in Poland

6 argumentóThe factors supporting the growth of mobile advertising prices in Poland

1. As we well know, mobile has become the dominant channel In Poland, we are also observing a dynamic increase in the amount of money spent on mobile devicesóin on video advertising. And as consumers embrace mobile on a massive scale, for marketersóIt should also be at a price. Unfortunately, this is not yet the case – there is still a huge disconnect between mobile traffic and adspend (2.4:1). If mobile’s share of the digital ad market were róequal to its share of online page views (56.4%), mobile ad spending would reach PLN 2 billion 44 million, which is 2.4 times more than the PLN 852 million recorded by AdEx in 2016.

According to StatCounter data for the whole of 2017, the average share of mobile in generating online traffic in Poland increased to 62.61% (up 11 percent year-on-year). However, StatCounter does not take into account the traffic that takes place in applications.

2. Mobile applications are booming, have taken over the life of the useróin and business world. The average user spends an average of 2 hours a day on apps, which amounts to a whole month per year. Apps economy is doing well and positively influences the share of mobile in the number of page views generated online. According to my estimatesów for the Polish market, taking into account mobile app traffic data, the share of mobile in online traffic is 85%. So far for the markeróin are not, however, at a price.

3. Reduced resources mobile advertising as a result of initiatives such as the Coalition for Better Ads and the. LEAN program and processóin certification and increasing the transparency of services offered in the advertising market, which I wrote about here. Limited inventory usually drives up ad rates.

4. Inflow high quality video content, which the big TV players are behind – Disney, Comcast, Discovery and VOD platforms – Netflix, Hulu or HBO. Such content is more likely to be viewed by the userów and allow monetization at higher rates.

5. Improve the quality of advertising mobile also e.g. through the use of location-based options and hyper-precise targeting or advanced combinatorial buying, taking into account several targeting variables simultaneously (combinatoral bidding).

6. Marketers should also be willing to by themselves pay more for first-party purchase options. However, some reduction in the cost ofów as a result of eliminating the intermediaryów.


Given the dominant importance of mobile devices in generating online traffic and the historical underestimation of mobile advertising investment in Poland, we should expect a sudden increase in interest in communication in mobile channels and an increase in demand for advertising, and consequently a rapid increase in mobile advertising rates over the next year, dwówhose years.

In December 2017, one of the platforms implementing mobile programmatic campaigns in the States released a report thatóThe user who estimates, based on the analysis of over 10 thousand executed campaigns, that the prices of mobile ads will grow by ca. 4% per month, which will lead to the increase of prices expressed in CPMs by 45% in 2018, including mobile display formats and mobile video ads served on a daily basisóboth in apps and through mobile browsers.

I wouldn’t mind a similar dynamic of investing in mobile marketing over the Vistula in 2018 and 2019, and you?