6 exercises and habits that should be introduced while working remotely

6 exercises and a habitóin, które worth introducing during remote work

Once a rarity, today a solution thatóWe use it on a regular basis. Remote working has become part of our everyday life, zaróboth at home and at work. Applied in róof a different form – From a complete shift to working from home, to hybrid models in whichóWe don’t have to move around for meetings or to use video conferencing. How do youób remote work will stay with us for longer depends, among other things, on in-depth resultsóin testing its effectiveness and developing long-term methods of dealing with the virus.

More sitting, less moving

According to the Ipsos survey „Covid 365+” In the past year Poles have significantly reduced physical activity, which has resulted in many peopleób have gained weight over the past few months. As many as 42% of. We put on an average of 5.7 kg! Interestingly, Poles are aware that the lifestyle, including physical activity has a beneficial effect on health, while at the same time as much as 37% of the population are aware of the fact that exercise has a beneficial effect on health. of them does not meet the minimum level of activity, który – In accordance with the latest recommendations of the World Health Organization – is 300 minutes of moderate exercise per week. This is according to a study conducted within the „MultiSport Index 2020” conducted on behalf of Benefit Systems by the Kantar research center.

When we work remotely, we spend more time in one room, we take our eyes off the screen less often, we have problems with regularity of mealsów. We don’t have to travel to meetings or to get a second breakfast, and we don’t have to come into the office, resulting in a number of stepsóin whichóThe number of steps we take each day is definitely decreasing. Under these circumstances, it is worth finding some time for yourself and incorporating a few elements into your daily scheduleóin whichóthat will improve well-being and mitigate the negative effects of remote mode. Step by step we are able to add further points, for whichóWhen we work remotely, we spend more time in one room, we look at the screen less often, we have problems with meal regularity, and we thank ourselves in the weeks to comeóPhysical activity can become an integral part of our daily rhythm of functioning.

How to deal with home office work? Here are 6 exercises and habitsóin whichóWhat they need is a broader culture of working with data.

1. Morning stretching

Introducing a fixed set of repetitive activities into the daily schedule makes getting up in the morning much easier. When we wake up, we don’t have to think about what to do, we just start acting. Depending on your preference, stretching can last 5, 10, 15 minutes or longer. The elements of the morning ritual depend of course on our preferences, but the most important is to stimulate the still-sleepy body. The exercises presented below will not only relax and flex tense muscles, but also increase the range of motion in the joints and improve circulation.

Watch the entire 15-minute video below.

2. Going for a cróA walk

Business and online meetings in the morning? It is a good idea to take a break and leave the locked room for a few minutesótki walk. Instead of taking the elevator, we can use the stairsów. These small physical exercises will help to stretch the jointóIn the coming years, the number of such solutions will increase rapidly. A simple walk up to the second floor can burn 9 calories.

3. Breathing exercise to relax and relieve stress

This 5-minute exercise can helpóhow to achieve a feeling of inner peace. Consists of an inhalation cycleóin through the nose and exhale deeplyóthrough the mouth. For best results, it is best to do a full 5-minute breathing cycleów. Exercise can be done at any time of the day.

4. Taking regular breaks while working at the computer

For 1 hour in front of the screen there should be 5 minutes of break. According to the occupational health and safety ordinance, everyone working in front of a computer screen is entitled to a 5-minute break after every hour worked. During this cróDuring your free time, you can do the exercise in point 3 or go out for a walkóA brisk walk.

5. Exercises thanks to whichóWe will take care of our spine

We spend a large part of the day sitting, but prolonged sitting causes excessive pressure on the intervertebral discs, which can lead to spinal disorders. Therefore, it is worth strengthening the deep and postural muscles and stretching contracted parts of the body. A complete training will provide us with ogóor go out for a walk, learn good posture, and feel better. The sample training, presented below, has a preventive character, preventing possible bólomas and changes in the entire spine. We can perform it after finishing work, in the second half of the day.

6. Massage using a roller (muscle rolling)

After a hard day we often dream about a professional massage, unfortunately we do not always have the opportunity to meet with a masseur. At home, we can use a simpler alternative in the form of a massage roller. Rolling can be divided into 3 types: pre-workout (to warm up), post-workout (to relax) and pro-health (targeting pain points and changes in the entire spine)ówe). How toób to do it correctly, on któWhat parts of the body to focus on during a massage, we find out in a podcast with a physiotherapist and fitness instructor – Ela Furman.

I hope that these few exercises will help you to improve your fitness and ensure a better well-being. Remember to be systematic, don’t start with Krakóbuilt. Step by step, the exercises will become habits – for which I am keeping my fingers crossed. So don’t delay, start putting the selected suggestions into practice!


Przemysław Piekarz, UEFA B soccer coach and marketer at Benefit Systems Fitness Branch