72% of respondents use mobile applications of loyalty programs

72% respondentóthe use of mobile applications in the programóin loyalty

59% of residentsóin Poland participate in at least one loyalty program – according to Program MonitoróThe results of the Loyalty Survey prepared by ARC Rynek i Opinia. An increasing number of peopleób expresses the opinion that they benefit not only companies, but rócustomers.

Among the greatest benefits that can be gained by participating in the program, respondents mention the possibility of obtaining discountsóThe company’s ability to offer discounts on the purchase of its productsóin or services. More and more customers areób also expresses interest in the possibility of support under a loyalty program for a specific purposeów believe that loyalty programs bring more benefits to companies than to participants (up from 4% to 10%).

The authors of the study also note that participants are becoming more active in loyalty programs. 4 out of 10 of them are very active customers – such whoóThe most important benefits of participating in the program include the ability to receive discounts and to create personal stories, as well as to create a series of articlesód. The largest group still consists of active users (who occasionally check their smartphones)óThey show the program card when reminded by the salesperson).

According to ARC Market and Opinion, by 12 p.p. wzróthe percentage of consumersóin using mobile applications, the Legoóin loyalty programs (with 60% in 2018. up to 72%). These apps are the most popular amongód osób under 35. years of age.

Currently 45% of respondentsóThe percentage of respondents who believe that loyalty programs are a good way to promote their business has risen from 4% to 10%óThe program is as beneficial for companies as it is for customersó(in 2019. this indicator was 37%). On the other hand, the percentage of peopleób believe that this solution brings more benefits to companies than to participants (currently 38%, a year ago – 46%). 17% respondentó(the same as a year ago) says that the greater benefits of such programsóThey show the program card when reminded by a salesperson)ów.