Case Lego Nexo Knights, or fantastic fun with marketing

Case of Lego Nexo Knights, or fantastic fun with marketing

Just a few years ago, it might have seemed that Lego, a company that has been producing plastic building blocks since time immemorial, would be doomed to failure in the age of mobile. Meanwhile, it turns out that today it sets trends for other brands!

I’ll admit that watching their latest video promoting the new collection left me in awe – see for yourself. What is most important starts at the end of the first minute:

Marketer showed great sense of behavior of the young representative of his target group and knowledge of technology, whichóre young users have a good grasp of the.

The first thread is obviously „revival of” static characters with blocksóThe company’s mobile apps will be used to promote its products through animations in films and games. According to my subjective opinion, Lego inventsóncreasingly, children are using their imagination less and less to create characters and plots, and more and more often they are reenacting ready-made stories that they have been taughtómarketers give them in their productions. Of course, they add their own elements to the fun, but the framework of the scenario is already „fromgórnie” imposed. Lego invents zaróThe program can also be used to create its own stories and series based on well-known heroes such as Batman. Or, interestingly enough, in the jointóThe number of respondents who believe it benefits their business more than their participants (now 38%, a year ago).

Investments in mobile games (Android and iOS) is the other major wyrótion of – Lego has long recognized that playing with blocks can continue even if a child doesn’t physically own them. The possibilities of wspómodern smartphonesów give a similar experience when it comes to building structures and characters with blocksów. We have to admit that the quality of Lego applications is at the highest level, especiallyólnie in the Duplo series dedicated to the youngest. What I personally appreciate – there is no pushy self-promotion.

Multichannel communication – As you can see in the video, the promotion of the series takes place through multiple channels (online, TV, promotional magazines, etc.) in order to reach the customersóboth to children and parentsóin whichóróThey should also be aware of which toy is most fun for their kids. This is all the more important as they róThey also played with this brand of building blocks, so they see them as educational and useful. This strategy is consistent with a common phenomenon in the 21st century: multitasking, The aim of the new service was to go into the future and create a solution with 2020 in mindóAt the same time. Evidenceóin empirical evidence that using a tablet while watching TV is already quite a big deal and Lego is likely to róThe company also sees an increase in the number of visits to its website after a TV ad for a new collection is broadcast.

Rewarded engagement, something thatóThis is important, as they are the ones who have been playing with the pads for a long time. The mechanism involves rewarding the useróplay games with virtual currency/gift for performing a specific action. In the mobile industry, such a scenario is called incentive marketing, which has been known for a long time by mobile game developers, but Lego went beyond the accepted standard „watch a commercial spot to get extra points”. In the case described above, the child, in order to gain additional power, has to build with blocksóThe nc+ GO service was developed into a specific form, with whichóThe first stage was to investigate the trend of Rewarded Engagement (offline theme: buying + playing with blocks), they have to follow a YouTube channel or a lego – to scan codes from a hidden placementów – The marketer’s newsletter (to learn about new products in the series that have been launched in the last few years) is one of the most important elements of the design processóre znów arouse imagination).

Lego likes to play with marketing – I see it in the momentum with which new innovative solutions are introduced. The brand ecosystem, refined almost to perfection, allows the company’s management to look to the future with optimism.