Mobile application – when it will be successful

Mobile application – when it becomes successful?

Mobile application market does not lose its momentum. It is still developing dynamically. The global system layout is changingóin operating systems, Android dominates (it gained about 85% of the market). market). New categories have emerged, such as Smart TV applications, products for Android TV, Apple TV. The application market is increasingly competitive, it is not easy to break through with your product among the thousands of applications implemented every day in Google Play and iTunes. So what key factors determine the measurable success of an app?

Key success factors

According to analystsóIn Statista (not only Statista, it is confirmed by all developers and marketers) the factor thatóWhat confirms the quality and functionality of our application is the number of downloads in the market (100%).). Immediately returnóI pay attention to the indicator thatóry need to be taken into account when analyzing a given product. Many times it is so, that a particular app is downloaded under the influence of fashion, emotions, hype in social media. An efficient marketer knows very well that after the first euphoria, the uninstallation rate increases. The user is merciless. Some applications are based on nice graphics and online media presence thanks to paid advertising. It is not enough. The application must be useful, functional, it must satisfy a given market need. Another success factor is an active, returning user (48%).).

A strategic element is the time the user spends using our application (41%).). The longer, the better. No philosophy. This is the best, sometimes devastating test for menus, mechanics, all functions of the application. Satisfied users will confirm their satisfaction in the form of positive comments in application markets. Unfortunately, the weapon in the form of comments also works the other way round. If we release an underdeveloped product, one that does not fully work, with complicated mechanics, we commit developer selfónformation. Comments in marketplaces and social media feeds will be merciless. But one important thing. Negative comments are the best, free test of our application. Many companies then conduct effective communication with users, respond to the content of comments and make necessary modifications to the application itself.

For many of you, this is the first timeórcóin the application, and in particular in theómarketeróIn the field of 5G a lot can still change, but the number of leads is a very important indicatoróThe total number of stations generated by the application (40%).). Leads can be defined in several categories. For example, a few selected ones: the number of downloads of applications, sales of commercial offerings (e.g. cinema tickets, sports equipment, clothes), the number of visits to the beauty salon, the number of sign-upsóin driving próThey will be looking for a new car in a car showroom. Like a mantra, the conversion rate is also repeated (38%).).

In the same way that we generate leadóIn, very róconversion is defined in different ways. In my opinion it is one of the most important, even strategic analytical indicator supporting the development of our application. Well prepared application configuration will allow to track all conversions: registration to purchaseóin (m-commerce), conversationóThe advantage of radio is the ability to make phone calls, downloads, subscribe to newslettersów, every activity the user of our app makes.