What’s biting marketers in mobile…(infographic)

What bites a marketerów w mobility…(infographic)

To answer this question próWe answered this question together with Andrzej Olękiewicz from TNS Poland during his speech at IAB Forum 2013.

In preparation for the speech we found that the problem is the ever-changing environment in which marketers have to operate. In a way móThe knowledge of mobility poses a problem for the presenter because, probably, at the moment of talking about certain phenomena and facts, the reality is different.

On the other hand, we know that marketers are hungry for knowledge about new communication opportunities. Hence the suggestion that they (marketers) should ask these questions themselves, and we in turn should ask them ourselvesóIn cooperation with TNS Poland we are going to prepare a professional study on a representative group of respondentsóThe data source and the API that the app (whether hybrid or native) will pull fromóPolesów – this is how the project came into being „What’s eating the marketer”.

What conclusions?

Although for several years now we have „year of mobility” its users are not fully aware of it. Not everyone owns a smartphoneów are aware of what kind of phone they have. What’s more, when asked about applications thatóre they could recommend, as many as half of smartphoneóThe survey is conducted in a way that does not allow us to answer. At the same time they admit that they use Facebook or games, but they do not consider it in the category of „I use apps”. So it is a matter of the fact that Poles do not know the definition, but they can use the applications and what’s more they install them, and even someówho are updating.

In the study, we were a bit surprised that despite how popular posting QR codes isóon posters or products is only 3 percent. smartphone ownersów scans them. RóAlso surprising were the results regarding the question „What is Instagram?”. It is confirmed that not everything is properly explained at the level of definitions.

The results of the survey indicate thatóAlso surprising was the finding that smartphone usersóThe most frequently used functions are: sending MMS, SMS, taking photos, i.e. the functions that are used by the users in their daily livesóWhat can marketers do with this knowledge?.

So what can marketers do with this knowledge?? Use! The time of mobility is here and now, probably in a year our survey results will be already outdated. So it is not worth to wait for better tomorrow, but take a chance today.