Biedronka is the most popular in the grocery category, while among drugstores it is Rossmann

Biedronka is the most popular store in the categoryóin food, and amongód drugstore Rossmann

Shopping is an element of everyday life, an obligation, pleasure, a way ofób to spend time – They may be something different for everyone. What shopping means to PolesóWe decided to find out for ourselves. Thanks to a survey conducted amongód useróin My Newspaper application – database of promotional newsletters from 100 storesóin 15 categories – we found out where our countrymen are most likely to do their shopping, how they prepare for it and what role in all this play promotional magazines.

What we know thanks to online promotional newsletters?

Did you expect that as many as 85% of Polesów browses through promotional magazines before each or almost each shopping trip? They do it everywhere – at home, at work, at university, on public transport. Browsing through the newsletters is a way for them to shop economically and hunt for interesting productsów, but also e.g. to kill boredom.

What’s more, newsletters have a significant impact on shopping decisions. As many as 54.5% of respondents admit that very often the offer presented in the current promotional magazine motivates them to visit a particular store. Only 1% say they have never gone shopping for this reason.

Thanks to the newspapers available in the application you can also see which stores are the most popular. In someóIn some categories it is clearly visible – leaderóIt will be difficult to catch up with the – and in other countries the results are more conclusiveównane. Different stores are popular in big cities and others in smaller towns. These are just some of theóre from the information, whichówhich we want to share with you.

Amongósome of the most popular storesóin food is Biedronka, followed by Lidl, Kaufland, Auchan, Tesco and Carrefour. In home & garden categoryódóCastorama is the leader, followed by Leroy Merlin and Ikea. In the drugstore category the first place goes to Rossmann, second place to Hebe, third place to Avon. In the furniture category the leading positions are held by Black Red White, Bodzio and Abra, while in the audio/video/ household appliances category the first place is taken by Media Expert, póRTV EURO AGD comes second, followed by Media Markt in third place.

The data presented in the report comes from a survey conducted on the pró3120 peopleób and from the analysis of the traffic in the My Gazette application amounting to 650 thousand. osób.