Mobile applications for Windows Phone are spreading like hot cakes

Mobile applications for Windows Phone are spreading like hot cakes

It is high time to leave the dogma dwóch basic systemóin mobile in Poland and to the duo of Android & iPhone also join Windows Phone. And here are the reasons.

First of all Nokia Lumia smartphones sell well and the Microsoft system has already had several hundred thousand users in the countryów. By the end of the year, it should be in the pockets of Polesómore Windows Phone devices than iPhone’ów. You don’t believe? Enter the operator’s websitesóor visit their showrooms and see whichóre phones are on display there. So a large part of your clientsóand potential usersóThe new operating system is the one that. Can you afford to forget about them?

Second The new platform is not inferior to the capabilities of Google and Apple. There is a touch screen, GPS navigation, an app store and other tools thatóre successfully enable any existing mobile application to be ported to WP7/8. So don’t worry about the technical limitations of the platform.

Third party Windows Phone users are hungry for new applications. There are several times fewer apps in their store than in the App Store or Google Play, which means there’s much less competition and it’s much easier to break through to the useróand appear in the ranking of top implementations. The most tangible evidence is the branding game prepared by Looksoft for Orange „Heart and Mind 2”, któThe Windows Phone version of Rise of the Titans has just surpassed the iPhone version in the number of downloads after 8 months of publication’y (10 to 9 thousand downloads).

More and more Polish apps

The number of items in Windows Phone Store is constantly growing and more and more domestic companies decide to use this platform. It is worth mentioning the, Gastronauts, Alior Sync, Open FM or GoldenLine.

While developing an application on Windows Phone it is worth to keep in mind that its interface róIt is much different from the familiar Android and iOS. Users have different expectations and it is not worth copying one to another, because it will not bring the expected success. It is good that the application is designed according to the guidelines of Modern UI, whichóry was designed by Microsoft in the form of tileów. It is best to hire a professional company, whichóra by designing the interface, we will make sure that the users of the smartphoneów with Windows Phone felt comfortable using applications.